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Chasen Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Chasen Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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A chasen, tea whisk, is an essential tool that plays one of the most important roles in preparing delicious matcha. Crafted by hand from a single piece of bamboo, making a chasen is a delicate and time-consuming process requiring highly skilled craftsmen. Using sharp special knives, each whisk can have anywhere between 16 to 120 tines, the higher the number the less whisking is required to help incorporate the matcha in the water. It also helps aerate the tea, allowing oxygen to bring out its aromas while also reducing its bitterness, and creating a layer of foam that lends it a smooth, creamy texture. You can compliment it with our bamboo matcha scoop and bowl for the perfect set or gift.

Details -

Only two chasen left in stock

Helps evenly disperse matcha powder into milk or water to create a foamy matcha

Measurements: Approx 11cm

Material: Bamboo

Care: Rinse with warm water before and after every use and dry in open air. Due to the nature of the material, small cracks in the handle might develop over time. The cracks are a natural phenomenon and do not affect the performance of the whisk. Only use with water and matcha.


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