Iya Gallery is a collection of mindfully created abstract original ink & watercolour paintings and prints by London based artist Emilie Van Camp.

Emilie Van Camp founder and artist behind Iya Gallery creates minimal and abstract ink and watercolour paintings and prints inspired by wabi-sabi aesthetics: simplicity and tranquillity. Her artworks reflect a meditative flow state.

The essence of her minimal work is inspired by two of the main characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic:

Kanso - simplicity

Seijaku - tranquility

With every brush stroke reflecting her state of mind and each movement becoming a meditative gesture; she follows a slow and intuitive process hoping to bring some serenity and calmness into one's home.

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Do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in collaborations or commissioned pieces.

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  • "Your beautiful spirit and connection with nature, life, meditates along the canvas when your creations come to life.
    They are part whimsical yet contemplative, and with such works, it may perhaps only be seen in its entire intention by those who seek such serene complexity in their every day. It reminds me of the monks inhabiting temples, offering their services and wisdom to those who come and are ready." Satsuki Shibuya

  • "Emilie's art is a call to go inwards and find that peace we all crave in a world that always asks “more” from us. To me, her simplicity has the complexity of having figured out how to put that feeling into paper. The strokes, the quality of her art and her timeless pieces means they will always have a place in my minimal home." Mar

  • “I have three artworks from Emilie - two watercolour prints and a bespoke ink-work commission. Like all of Emilie’s creations, I find them immensely beautiful and incredibly soothing. I could gaze at them for hours, and I love how they’re open to personal interpretation - to me they speak of nature, water, rocks, mountains and deep fjords. They instantly transport me to a much calmer place away from daily stresses and strains, and they’re some of the most treasured pieces in my home.” Abi

  • "I feel quite emotional about this ink commission as the last few years have not been easy. But somehow your art talks to me. It connects me to a feeling of deep love and a strong sense of hope and possibility. That may sound crazy but it is really very powerful. I would love you to think of those words as inspiration. I promise you I will cherish it and give it a special home." Nikki

  • "Thank you for this great piece of art! Emilie is a great and wonderful artist! Emilie is very helpful and responsive , she helped me a lot with transportation. I received the print the very next day, beautifully packaged. I framed it and it gave a beauty to our home. Paper and print quality is really good and I love the painting itself because it drives imagination. When I look at the print it always reminds me of the mountains. I would highly recommend Emilie’s art to everyone. Thank you Emilie!" Elif Ege

  • "I purchased 6 prints from Iya Gallery and I absolutely love them. I have them sat in my stairway and it really brightens the space. They arrived in lovely packaging with a note from the artist. Highly recommend." Lauren

    "Such a beautiful, high-quality print! It's even better in person than it looks online, and will look so perfect in my room. It arrived well packaged and in good time too. Thank you so much Emilie!" Danielle