Emilie Van Camp founder and artist behind Iya Gallery creates minimal and abstract watercolour and ink paintings and prints inspired by wabi-sabi aesthetics: simplicity and tranquillity. Her artworks reflect a meditative flow state.

Iya Gallery ink and watercolour paintings reflect a meditative flow state of mind that incites reflection and deeper connections with one's emotions and energy.

This slow creative process allows Emilie to find calmness and serenity within herself that she hopes will transpire onto each of her artworks.

Art can be so powerful, it can make us feel at home, safe, inspired, connected - with ourselves and others - it can also help ground oneself into the present moment, or make one's mind temporarily escape somewhere else.

Emilie uses either payne's grey or indigo watercolours and black ink for her art pieces.


Photo credit: Christina Thaisen

Iya Gallery watercolour print inspired by characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic: simplicity & tranquility hoping to bring serenity & calmness into people's lives & homes

Exhibitions -

MORI pop-up, Munich, Germany 2021

TLB home Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan 2019

Kohoro, Osaka, Japan 2018

Shed, Tokyo, Japan 2018  

Stockists -

Your Kind Lifestyle, UK

MORI, Germany

ARCreve+, Japan

Envelope, Japan 

Interviews & Features -

Enki Magazine

Blasta Henriet

RNR Creative

New Norm Magazine


These Four Walls



TLB Home


Photo credit: ARCreve+

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in collaborations, commissioned paintings or have any questions.