Branding, Design & Content

See below a few bespoke projects for which Iya Gallery created unique pieces of art and content to support the branding, design and marketing collaterals of small businesses, writers, and makers.

If you have a project you would like to discuss together, do not hesitate to reach out.

Ink Brushstroke Design - YLK

Your Kind Lifestyle commissioned Iya Gallery to create a unique ink brush mark for their Mottainai candle packaging. Using soy wax, the candle offers a sophisticated fragrance of oak, smoky incense, rich tobacco and dark musk lightened by fresh citrus. It is carefully packed using only sustainable materials, in a hand printed tote bag with Iya Gallery custom design.

Photo credit: Your Kind Lifestyle

Watercolour Illustration - 'But First, Tea' Book

'But First, Tea' is a book by certified tea sommelier Jessica Van Humbeeck about the different varieties of teas, their health benefits and the various tea rituals taking place in many cultures around the world. Iya Gallery was requested to provide a watercolour print to illustrate the chapter on the Japanese tea ceremonies and was used as styling props.

Photo credit: The Fresh Light

Iya Gallery bespoke original watercolour painting commissioned for the collaboration with STORIED magazine for their Kyoto issue

Watercolour Design - Japanese Magazine

For the launch of the Japanese STORIED magazine first issue on Kyoto, Iya Gallery was commissioned to create an A3 original watercolour painting for the design of their Editor's Letter page. It was also part of the price offering for their kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Content Creation - Matcha & Art

Iya Gallery collaborated with tea brands to deliver some creative visual assets for their social media and other brand collaterals. As preparing and enjoying a matcha latte is one of our founder's favourite daily rituals, the request was to display the ceremonial organic matcha in a creative setting that included her artwork.